The Institute of Plastic Working and Safety Engineering is one of the seven institutes within the Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology. There are 26 people and a large group of PhD students working in the Institute of Plastic Working and Safety Engineering.The Institute is divided into five departments: Modelling of Plastic Working Processes, Processing of Modern Functional Materials, Drawing and Metal Products, Automation and Electronic Instruments, Ergonomics and Safety Engineering. The list of main topics that the employees of the Institute are currently working on includes:research and production of bimetallic and composite materials, sintered materials, homogeneous materials (both steel and non-ferrous metals), optimization of rolling, forging and drawing technologies, examination of plastic and rheologicalproperties of materials, construction and operation of machines for plastic working, and utilization of energy form explosive materials in technological processing ofmetal materials. Moreover, the Institute has extensive research facilities in the form of modern laboratories.